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2 June 2018Forbes

This Week In Mobile: New Bezel-Less Phones, Xiaomi Mi8, Alcatel 1X Android Go, iOS 12, Privy App

Antivirus company Avast has found out that several hundred low-cost Android phones, including devices from manufacturers like ZTE and Archos, have shipped with pre-installed malware inside. (see more)

29 May 2018Fox News

Low-cost Android devices found secretly installing adware

Avast's blog post has tips for affected users on how to remove Cosiloon from their devices. For instance, the company's mobile security app can automatically delete the adware it downloads. (see more)

28 May 2018The New York Times

Guard Your Mac Against Malware

If a free antivirus program fits your budget better, several tech-focused publications (including Macworld, TechRadar and Tom’s Guide) favor Avast Free Mac Security. The $60 Avast Security Pro for Mac adds protections against ransomware and intruders on your home wireless network. (see more)

24 May 2018TechCrunch

Some low-cost Android phones shipped with malware built in

Avast can detect and remove the payloads and they recommend following these instructions to disable the dropper. If the dropper spots antivirus software on your phone it will actually stop notifications but it will still recommend downloads as you browse in your default browser, a gateway to ... (see more)

24 May 2018Tom's Guide

40 Best Free Android Apps

Avast's Mobile Security & Antivirus is our favorite mobile security suite for Android devices, offering comprehensive antivirus protection as well as numerous extra features, like Wi-Fi vulnerability protection, malware scanning, call blocking and app locking. (see more)

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