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12 November 2020Tom's Guide

8 essential tips for protecting your phone from hackers

"When in doubt, don't respond," says Chandler Givens, Head of Consumer Privacy at Avast, on avoiding downloading random files and apps on your phone as a preventative measure, "Just as with email, mobile requests for personal data or immediate action are almost always scams." (see more)

29 October 2020SC Magazine

Experian’s GDPR violation leaves companies scrambling to understand ‘legitimate interest’

"That while many companies might see the potential fines as a cost of doing business in Europe, they should be aware that the real regulatory power comes from their ability to ban business practices altogether. It’s always more prudent, therefore, to take the time to work with lawyers during the ... (see more)

26 October 2020ZDNet

Adware found in 21 Android apps with more than 7 million downloads

"Users need to be vigilant when downloading applications to their phones and are advised to check the applications' profile, reviews and to be mindful of extensive device permission requests," said Jakub Vávra, Threat Analyst at Avast about the recent adware findings in Google Play Store with over ... (see more)

26 September 2020Ars Technica

When coffee makers are demanding a ransom, you know IoT is screwed

Martin Hron, Senior Malware Researcher at Avast, spoke about his research on the possibilities of hacking IoT devices, specifically a coffee maker. “It was done to point out that this did happen and could happen to other IoT devices. This is a good example of an out-of-the-box problem. You don't ... (see more)

8 July 2020TechCrunch

Garry Kasparov on AI: ‘People always called me an optimist’

"I thought that it would be a great combination because it’s about cybersecurity, and it’s also about customers, about individual rights, which is related to human rights, and it also had a little bit of a political element of course. But most importantly, it’s a combination of privacy and security ... (see more)

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