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4 May 2018CNET

Twitter password bug potentially exposes 330M users, Jack Dorsey says

"The risk that your password had been compromised is in a category of low to intermediate," said Martin Hron, a security researcher for antivirus company Avast. "However, it is advised to change your password, because no one is aware, so far, how long that logging had been in place." (see more)

19 April 2018Macworld

Avast Security Pro for Mac review: Everything a modern antivirus app needs and a little bit more

The big friendly “You Are Protected” green checkmark on Avast Security Pro’s home screen is certainly a plausible statement. The software is a rare breath of fresh air in a sea of anti-virus products that haven’t worked hard enough to keep up to date with current threats, or haven’t updated the ... (see more)

17 April 2018Wired

Inside the Unnerving Supply Chain Attack That Corrupted CCleaner

"This thing was a bit, shall we say, black. It was an unexpected surprise gift we got as part of the acquisition," Vlcek told WIRED ahead of his talk at RSA. "As a threat research organization we do analysis like this on a daily basis, it's right in our core competency, so it was sort of ironic to ... (see more)

5 April 2018Mashable

Avast claims browser more secure, faster than Google Chrome, Firefox

Avast, as a security company, has a good track record when it comes to internet privacy. As of last year, it had detected and prevented almost a quarter of a million WannaCry ransomware attacks around the world. With a comprehensive set of security features, Avast looks to be a promising option for ... (see more)

1 March 2018CNBC

15,000 internet-connected devices could be hacked to mine $1,000 of cryptocurrency in 4 days

"This ubiquity of devices combined with the fact they are so easy to attack makes them an attractive target." (see more)

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