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23 January 2019Dark Reading

Aging PCs Running Out-of-Date Software Bring Security Worries

Avast's PC report highlights the risk to security that come with increasingly outdated hardware and software. (see more)

22 January 2019ZDNet

PC security warning: That out-of-date software is putting you at risk

"We need to be doing more to ensure our devices are not putting us at unnecessary risk." - Ondrej Vlcek commenting on Avast's PC Trends Report, an analysis of the out-of-date software installed on PCs (see more)

22 January 2019Bleeping Computer

Outdated Software Exposes PC Users to Security Risks Says Report

"Based on a sample size of 163 million computers, 55% of all programs installed on personal computers running Windows are outdated according to an Avast report, exposing their users to security risks because of unpatched vulnerabilities." (see more)

14 January 2019Wired

Your old router is an absolute goldmine for troublesome hackers

Most users just don’t care about their router. It’s just that thing that sits in the corner catching dust... If the device works out of the box, it usually stays in a default configuration. It would make sense to disable the internet until the user goes through some set up on the device." - Martin ... (see more)

3 January 2019ZDNet

Hacking attacks on your router: Why the worst is yet to come

"People are acquiring more and varied types of connected devices, meaning every aspect of our lives could be compromised by an attack. Looking ahead to 2019, these trends point to a magnification of threats through these expanding threat surfaces." (see more)

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