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28 November 2018Forbes

The Growing Importance of Cybersecurity Skills

"Around 54% of our staff are in the R&D team, and that is to stay ahead of the competition and meet our customer's needs, while also staying ahead of the bad guys." - Vince Steckler (see more)

19 November 2018Android Headlines

Waymo Must Do More to Protect Self-Driving Cars from Hackers: Expert

Martin Hron, senior security researcher at Avast, discusses the importance of security in high-risk industries such as autonomous vehicles and medical devices as “lives depend on it.” (see more)

16 November 2018The Independent

Black Friday shoppers looking for best deals targetted by hackers as fake apps spread online

“In the past, Avast has found fake apps on the Google Play Store that use logos and developer names closely resembling or identical to popular apps, in order to trick people into downloading them. Finding a discount is always exciting, but shoppers should be cautious of offers that are far below ... (see more)

12 November 2018VentureBeat

How Prague's Avast went from Soviet-era security project to $4.5 billion IPO

CEO Vince Steckler was featured in an article about the Avast IPO and the company's 30-year journey to this milestone. (see more)

9 November 2018Consumer Reports

Browser Extensions: How to Stay Safe

In response to the news of leaked Facebook messages via malicious browser extensions, Matt Adkisson, product director of Avast Secure Browser, discusses safety tips for consumers with Consumer Reports. (see more)

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