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1 October 2018CSO

New vicious Torii IoT botnet discovered

Researchers from Avast warned about Torii, which is certainly no spinoff of the Mirai botnet. Torii, they said, is an "example of the evolution of IoT malware" and "its sophistication is a level above anything we have seen before." (see more)

28 September 2018Dark Reading

Torii' Breaks New Ground for IoT Malware

"Researchers from security vendor Avast recently analyzed the malware and have namedit Torii because the telnet attacks through which it is being propograted have been coming from Tor exit nodes." (see more)

4 September 2018Macworld

Best antivirus for Mac: Protect yourself from malicious software

"Avast Free Mac Security edges it out as the best free antivirus software for macOS. In security lab tests, Avast detected 99.9 percent of macOS malware and 100 percent of Windows malware." (see more)

31 August 2018Mashable

7 of the best free antivirus sofware options

"An impressively detailed piece of software given the non-existent price tag. You get what you pay for is a concept Avast completely ignores. Entirely free, it offers up plenty of features and a highly competent virus detection score." (see more)

16 August 2018Dark Reading

Dark Reading

Martin Hron, security researcher, found that many devices for a smarthome did not have any security provisions in their set-up instructions. Many of the devices gather into a unified system run MQTT protocol, and many of these devices acting as MQTT servers have little to no security at all. "It's ... (see more)

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