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6 September 2019Mashable

GPS trackers for kids exposed real-time location and had default password 123456

Martin Hron, senior security researcher at Avast, analyzed 29 models of child GPS trackers manufactured and sold by Shenzhen i365 Tech. He found that 600,000 devices in use globally are exposing real-time location data thanks to default passwords and lack of encryption. (see more)

1 September 2019TechCrunch

Police hijack a botnet and remotely kill 850,000 malware infections

Researchers at Avast analyzed a malicious worm affecting Windows machines throughout Latin America, known as Retadup. In collaboration with the Cybercrime Fighting Center of the French National Gendarmerie, over 850,000 unique infections have been neutralized. (see more)

28 August 2019Vice

Cops Hijack Botnet, Remotely Wipe Malware From 850,000 Computers

Vice's Motherboard covered Avast's research on Retadup, a malicious worm affecting Windows machines throughout Latin America. (see more)

14 August 2019VentureBeat

Weak consumer IoT security threatens enterprise systems

In a research collaboration with Stanford University, Avast published "All Things Considered," an analysis of the global prevlance and security implications of IoT devices. VentureBeat featured interviews with Rajarshi Gupta, head of AI at Avast, and Ondrej Vlcek, CEO at Avast, about the ... (see more)

19 July 2019MIT Technology Review

Google has booted seven “stalkerware” apps off its Play Store

Nikolaos Chrysaidos, head of mobile threat intelligence, discusses seven stalkerware apps on the Google Play Store discovered by Avast's mobile threat intelligence platform, apklab.io. Google has since removed the apps. (see more)

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