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3 February 2021Ars Technica

Malicious Chrome and Edge add-ons had a novel way to hide on 3 million devices

Avast researchers who discovered the malicious Chrome and Edge browser extensions that were found on 3 million devices, revealed the lengths the extension developers took to hide their nefarious deeds. (see more)

27 January 2021Yahoo! Lifestyle

Hackers are tricking kids into installing malicious apps—here's how to keep your family safe

Over the summer, Avast researchers discovered a HiddenAds adware campaign in the Google Play store and found 47 apps that received 15 million downloads. (see more)

21 January 2021Reader's Digest

How to Remove Spyware on an Android Phone

Reader's Digest included Avast's research on 8 stalkerware apps found in the Google Play store, in an article on how to remove stalkerware from an Android phone. (see more)

31 December 2020Time Magazine

How Domestic Abusers Have Exploited Technology During the Pandemic

Avast researchers found that after COVID-19 placed people around the world in lockdown last March, rates of spyware and stalkerware detection skyrocketed, increasing by 51% globally within a month of lockdown. Researchers that the pandemic has likely made the problem worse. (see more)

17 December 2020Digital Trends

Are you using any of these browser extensions? Uninstall them now

“Our hypothesis is that either the extensions were deliberately created with the malware built-in, or the author waited for the extensions to become popular, and then pushed an update containing the malware. It could also be that the author sold the original extensions to someone else after ... (see more)

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