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16 March 2019Fast Company

Chess legend Garry Kasparov "Humans still have the monopoly on evil"

"You can’t protect yourself against all the digital viruses as in [real-life viruses], but at least 90% of the threats can be eliminated, if you follow elementary procedures like putting antivirus software on your network." Garry Kasparov, Avast's Security Ambassador (see more)

12 March 2019Tech Republic

Business PC users are most at risk in these 10 countries

"Cybercriminals create threats that take advantage of the activities carried out by home users and rely on consumers being less aware of digital security. Conversely, businesses usually have restrictive browsing policies in place and entire IT teams dedicated to keeping networks secure. At home, ... (see more)

12 March 2019Verdict

AI versus AI: Security is the only area of AI where there is a true adversary

AI has made an enormous amount of progress in the last ten years, tonnes of use cases, medical, driving, object recognition, all of that, but the point is that in none of these areas do we have a true adversary. Whenever you’re trying to detect something, that thing is not trying to evade you.” - ... (see more)

10 March 2019Channel Pro Network

Avast Business Adds Secure Web Gateway to Security Portfolio

Announced at RSA, a security conference in San Francisco, Avast Business adds Secure Web Gateway to its comprehensive SMB offerings. (see more)

5 March 2019Fortune

Alphabet's Cybersecurity Division Unveils Its First Product, a Real-Time Security Management Service

Alphabet’s new security company Chronicle launched Backstory, an enterprise security telemetry platform, and Avast will support as an inaugural Insight Partner, providing analysis from our threat intelligence engine. (see more)

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