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Mexico City, Mexico

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At Mobile 360 Latin America, Nikolaos Chrysaidos, Head of Mobile Threat Intelligence and Security, participated in a panel, along with three other panelists, titled ""Building Trust in the Digital Economy"". The session focused on how data leaks, data misuse, and malware have put the issue of trust, digital identity, and data security at the heart of tech discussions. As users become more preoccupied and aware of the information they share, and the value of their data, corporations and industry players need to become robust in their processes, and collaborate with industry players in an effort to become privacy and security-centric. However, as witnessed in many cases, one bad apple can ruin the bunch, and as such, the industry needs to rally together to ensure privacy and security for all users. Nikolaos discussed the importance of trusted industry players coming together to empower users to secure their mobile data.

Speaker biography

Nikolaos is head of mobile threat intelligence and security at Avast, leading mobile security projects, mobile threat intelligence, and threat prevention. He loves mobile forensics, malware analysis, and reverse engineering.

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