Manchester BSides 2018

16Aug 2018

About event

Have we traded security for convenience and ease of use? How difficult is to crack someone's smart home network? What are the common mistakes being made by developers and users? Introducing the lightweight MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocol, today’s preferred standard for interconnecting IoT devices inside our homes. Sometimes, poor configuration and implementation of systems based on MQTT lead to unintentional personal data leaks from our secured perimeter. But how severe are these leaks and what can we do about it?

Martin Hron, Avast’s Security Researcher, will answers these questions at Manchester BSides 2018 and share alarming real-world examples that demonstrate poor security practice.

Speaker biography

Martin Hron is a Security Researcher at Avast. Martin leads research across various disciplines such as dynamic binary translation, hardware assisted virtualization and malware analysis. Martin is devoted to technology and is a true software and hardware reverse engineer, game programmer, tinkerer, AI and IoT mantras practitioner.

Prior to Avast, Martin held the position of artificial intelligence and game programmer, working on the MAFIAII (AAA game title) project and windows kernel SW engineer with encryption file system drivers. Martin brings more than 20 years experience in the IT industry and deep knowledge of hardware and operating system architectures to Avast, where he leads research, mainly in domain of dynamic malware analysis and general security. Martin is always on the hunt and keeping an eye on new emerging technologies.

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