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Filip Chytry spoke at EC3-ENISA Conference about IoT Security.

Speaker biography

Filip Chytry is a director and security expert in mobile threat intelligence and has been working at Avast Software for more than seven years. His areas of expertise are the security of the Internet of Things and smartphones, as well as technical sales. Filip foresees problems and solutions in security, negotiates technical implementations with Avast’s partners and clients, consults other companies’ networks, and conducts security research. One of Filip’s biggest passions is devising and executing experiments to educate people on security risks. In the past, he has shown people what happens when they lose their phone when an anti-theft app is not installed, that data can be retrieved from some phones after a factory reset, or how dangerous using public Wi-Fi without a VPN solution can be.

Filip Chytry studied at the School of Applied Cybernetics in Hradec Králove and later the Technical College in Prague.

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