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Monitoring threat trends on a global scale can be beneficial, however, it can sometimes also be misleading. Jan Sirmer, Malware Analysis Team Lead, will illustrate his findings from comparing global data of Android detections, using three major regions as examples: Europe, North America and Russia. The data that will be presented clearly shows a significant drop in less sophisticated malware strains, such as downloaders and rooters, which dominated Android threats in past years. On the other hand, the data shows a rise in technically advanced and covert malware; such as bankers, fake apps or even targeted attacks.In his presentation he will show how understanding the trend evolution helps predict, prevent and detect new malware strains.

Speaker biography

Jan Sirmer is a Malware Analysis Team Lead at Avast. His main specialization is analyzing malicious Java threats, Android applications and exploits, macro viruses, web-based malware and other non-executable malware. During the course of his career, Jan has authored blog posts about phishing threats, malicious web exploits and Android threats. In the past, he has successfully presented his research at various conferences such as AVAR, Botconf, FIRST, RSA, Virus Bulletin

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