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San Jose, California

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At this annual conference for artificial intelligence and big data professionals, Rajarshi Gupta, Head of AI at Avast, discussed the unique challenges posed by security and what makes this domain the biggest challenge for AI. He defined a new category of cyber-attacks — DeepAttacks — in which malicious content is automatically generated by AI algorithms. The presentation also covered AI advancements in file-based anti-malware solutions, behavior-based on-device solutions, and network-based IoT security solutions.

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Avast President of Consumer, Ondrej Vlcek, participated in a panel, along with six other panelists, titled "Cybersecurity as key for a Digital Economy and Society" at ICT 2018: Imagine Digital - Connect Europe. The session focused on strategic areas where the EU needs to invest in order to reinforce its cybersecurity, and thus protect its economy and society: research, innovation, and industrial capabilities. The debate highlighted examples of cybersecurity impact in different domains/application areas.

Europe needs to develop further essential capacities to secure its digital economy, society and democracy. The session aimed to stimulate the debate on how to achieve this goal. The session also made a case for the Commission’s initiatives in the area of cybersecurity research and innovation, raising awareness on various challenges in economy and society.

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