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Avast Introduces First-ever Home Network Security Solution



Avast 2015 identifies vulnerable home routers that can allow identity theft and privacy loss

REDWOOD CITY, California, Oct. 22, 2014 – Avast Software, maker of the most-trusted security in the world, today launched Avast 2015 – the latest PC and Mac versions of the security solutions used by more than 175 million people worldwide. All versions, including the completely free version, come with the only home-network security tool designed to address the very real threat of hijacked home networks. Additional features and enhancements include DNS-hijacking prevention, HTTPS scanning, reduced in-product messaging or popups, a simplified and more fun user experience, and faster software updates to improve performance and deliver greater privacy and security.

“Security risks have expanded out from the PC to the home network as more devices than ever connect to the Internet via home routers. As a result, home networks have become the hub of personal computing,” said Avast Chief Executive Officer Vince Steckler. “Our research determined that nearly 80% of all home routers in use today are thinly protected by common, easily hacked passwords, making routers an easy entry point to the home network for hackers. Avast 2015 addresses these issues head-on with several important new features.”

Avast introduces the first home-network security solution
All Avast 2015 products include the free Avast Home Network Security, the only one-click network scan that identifies potential security issues before they can be exploited. Avast scans for misconfigured Wi-Fi networks, routers with weak or default passwords, Internet accessible and vulnerable routers, compromised Internet connections, and enabled, but not protected, IPv6.

One of the biggest risks users of vulnerable routers face is DNS hijacking. Avast SecureDNS encrypts Internet traffic between Avast-protected devices and Avast’s DNS server to prevent users from being directed to hijacked sites. Meanwhile, HTTPS scanning, a component of Avast’s trusted Web Shield technology, now scans HTTPS sites for malware and threats. Finally, the new Smart Scan feature allows users to scan for threats, software updates, network problems, and performance issues with just one click.

Enhanced user experience and protection
Key product modifications include a simplified user interface with clearer orientation and a smoother overall experience, such as the ability to enable or disable features and tools with a single click.

Faster product and third-party software updates also make staying current and secure a snap, while simplified online support means users can more quickly get the help they need.

Avast 2015 also introduces Avast Rewards, which are designed to make using Avast security features more fun and interactive by awarding users Karma points and badges when they take steps to protect themselves.

Additional protection includes an added buffer with hardware-assisted virtualization, creating a virtual “test area” to automatically analyze suspicious items. PUP (potentially unwanted programs) detection identifies programs users may not have intended to install, giving them the option to remove them to accelerate PC performance.

Leading protection for PCs, Macs, businesses, and mobile devices
The Avast 2015 solution for PCs is available in four consumer variations—Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security, and Avast Premier—and in 45 languages.

Avast Mac Security is free and will include the The Home Network Security scan and SecureDNS features as of the first quarter of 2015.

Avast also provides world-class protection for businesses and mobile devices.