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Avast CEO, Vince Steckler, to Keynote at Polish and CEE Private Equity Conference 2017


Prague, Czech Republic, 23 March 2017 – Vince Steckler, Avast’s Chief Executive Officer, will be speaking at today’s Polish & CEE Private Equity Conference on the topic ‘Going Global – Why Investors Matter’. A global leader in digital security products with over 400 million consumer and business customers worldwide, Avast is one of the largest IT companies in Europe today and a CEE success story.

Mr. Steckler joined Avast as CEO in 2009 and under his leadership, the company has enjoyed significant growth and success spurred with the addition of two strategic partnerships with two investors, Summit Partners and CVC. In September last year, Avast also completed the acquisition of close competitor, AVG Technologies, almost doubling the size of the parent company. The combined business is now the top installed consumer security solution worldwide and protects more than 40% of PCs outside of China.

Mr. Steckler will be sharing the insights he has from working with investors during his tenure at Avast and identifying the impact of investors on a growing company using Avast and AVG Technologies as real-world case studies.

When: Thursday, March 23, 2017.

Where: Polish & CEE Private Equity Conference, Warsaw, Poland

Who: Vince Steckler, Chief Executive Officer of Avast 

What: Keynote on the important of investors to growing businesses

Steckler has served as Avast’s Chief Executive Officer and one of its Directors since 2009. He is a frequent public speaker and panel participant. Most recently, he spoke at the IoT Security Conference at Mobile World Congress 2017 on the topic of the risk posted by insecure IoT devices, and illustrated how vulnerable these devices are by infecting several smart devices with the Mirai code live on stage.