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Avast Launches World’s First Free Business-Grade Security Offering



Avast for Business brings straightforward, cross-platform and cloud-managed security to market

Redwood City, Calif., February 23, 2015 - Avast Software, maker of the most-trusted mobile and PC security in the world, today introduced Avast for Business-a free, easy to use, cloud-managed security offering that protects small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) from viruses and cyber attacks. Avast for Business is a cross-platform solution that represents the first free information security product built for businesses. The solution solves both budget and security challenges for SMBs, especially those with lean IT budgets or limited IT resources. Avast’s freemium approach to security has made the company the most popular security provider in the consumer market with more than 230 million mobile devices, PCs, and Macs under its protection.

"Since 2001 we’ve delivered great, free security products for home users," said Vince Steckler, chief executive officer of Avast. "We believe the time is right to provide great security that is not only free, but also simple for SMBs to implement and manage. A small business may not view their customer database or online orders at the same level as data of an enterprise. Avast for Business addresses the problem of those businesses using consumer products and not being adequately protected; it gives those enterprises a business-class solution they can grow with."

Avast’s strength lies in its network of more than 230 million users whose devices function as de facto sensors, providing Avast with information about suspicious files to help detect and neutralize new threats as soon as they appear. Once Avast identifies a suspicious file on a single device and reports it back to its servers, all Avast users around the world are immediately protected. By using Avast for Business, SMBs contribute to and benefit from the same sensor network.

Avast for Business makes it easy for SMB owners to install, configure and manage advanced security solutions with or without the help of a full-time IT manager. Users are able to effortlessly monitor, manage and protect devices anywhere, anytime from Avast’s cloud-management console. From the easy to navigate console, users have the ability to configure robust reporting and alerting to easily stay on top of what is happening inside of their environment. Avast for Business features include:

  • Free Essential Antivirus protection (File Shield, Web Shield, Mail Shield)
  • HTTP and HTTPS Threat Scanning & Integrated Browser Protection
  • A Web-based management console that is accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Robust reporting and alerting engine
  • Cross-Platform Support including Windows and Mac OSX

For advanced security requirements, Avast for Business also offers premium services. There are no limits on the number of protected devices, and businesses can activate and deactivate licenses as needed. This allows them to grow comfortably without the concern of overwhelming costs. Premium features include the basic offerings plus:

  • Firewall
  • SafeZone
  • Sandbox
  • Anti-spam
  • Datashredder
  • Exchange and Sharepoint protection (server platform only)

Later in 2015, Avast will introduce programs for managed service providers and the reseller channel, to benefit from the power of free. In the spring, Avast will form its first ever partner advisory council in order to bring partners closer to Avast, to discuss features and functions specific to their needs.

"The new Avast for Business is easily the best thought out cloud-managed antivirus solution on the market today, at any price. Avast for Business includes all of the necessary features required, without the bloat of competing products. The result is an intuitive interface that allows even small to mid size businesses to implement enterprise-grade security," said Kyle Barker from Championship Networks, an Avast Partner.

Avast for Business currently supports Mac, Windows Desktop and Windows Server, and will introduce a mobile solution in the future. Avast for Business can be downloaded at