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Avast Launches Cleanup Premium with New Tools to Optimize PC Performance

With a patented Sleep Mode, and a variety of new easy-to-use tools, Cleanup Premium is a one-stop shop to clean and speed up PCs

Avast, the global leader in digital security, today announced its new Avast Cleanup Premium product to provide users a simple and effective solution for optimizing their PC’s performance.

With more than 10 comprehensive features, including the patented Sleep Mode that gives priority to the programs being used so the computer runs faster, Avast Cleanup Premium is an essential optimization tool for all PC users. In addition to Sleep Mode, other notable features include Disk Cleaner and Browser Cleaner. The Disk Cleaner removes junk from over 200 applications and Windows features, and the Browser Cleaner eliminates online traces, temporary data and leftover information that users may have trouble deleting.

According to the Avast Q3 2017 PC Trends Report, the worldwide average age of PCs is more than five years old, making slow-downs, crashes and lack of storage space a regular annoyance for users. The new Avast Cleanup Premium product helps newer and older PCs alike perform faster, while giving users more room by clearing disk space and fixing common issues.

“Laptops have made huge leaps in terms of performance, resources and disk space, but at the same time our digital activities are becoming more demanding. As we rely more on our PCs, performance and reliability deteriorates quickly, which is why the new Avast Cleanup Premium product was designed to quickly and seamlessly address those issues for busy people. We used more than 20 years of experience to develop a comprehensive range of features and smart algorithms to keep newer PCs running effectively and make older PCs run like new again,” said Ondrej Vlcek, CTO, EVP & GM Consumer, Avast.

Avast Cleanup Premium delivers a better performing PC, more disk space and reliable maintenance through a host of new features, including:

This option allows users to analyze their systems without even lifting a finger. As soon as the program is installed, it begins scanning shortcuts to remove any broken links, emptying caches and deleting cookies and disk junk, enhancing PCs from day one.

Sleep Mode: Patented Optimization
Avast Cleanup now includes the company’s patented ‘Sleep Mode.’ Many programs, such as iTunes, Skype, or Adobe Reader, have a number of services, startup items and scheduled tasks active when the program isn’t being used. By halting this background usage through Avast’s Sleep Mode, priority is given to the programs being used, meaning the entire device runs smoother and faster.

Disk Cleaner and Browser Cleaner:
Windows and its programs produce an enormous amount of data residue, generating logs in the background and storing temporary files. Avast’s Disk Cleaner removes junk from over 200 applications and Windows features, ensuring there is no excess taking up valuable space. The Browser Cleaner tidies up online traces, temporary data and leftover information that users may not be able to delete. It is compatible with over 25 browsers, including Internet Explorer®, Chrome™, and Firefox®.

Software Cleanup
Software Cleanup is here to tidy up those annoying pre-installed programs and toolbars that have never even been used, making bloatware a thing of the past.

Rescue & Action Centers
Avast’s Rescue Center allows the user to undo almost all optimizations performed with Avast Cleanup Premium, meaning users don’t have to be an expert when using it. The Action Center gives real-time notifications on any issues so users are able to rectify problems with a simple click.

Users can download a trial or purchase Avast Cleanup Premium.

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