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Avast and Vodafone Partner to Provide Mobile and Family Security

„Vodafone Security“ and „Vodafone Family Security“ mobile apps powered by Avast will secure Vodafone’s more than three million customers in the Czech Republic

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona / Prague, February 27, 2018 – Avast, the global leader in digital security products, today announced a strategic partnership with Vodafone Czech Republic, one of the world's top mobile carriers. Through this partnership, more than three million Vodafone subscribers in the Czech Republic will gain access to two new apps powered by Avast. The apps will provide mobile security to customers, their children and other family members.

“Our recent surveys show that a top customer key concern is their children's online mobile security. Results also reveal that nearly half of children do not confide in their parents when they are being cyberbullied,” said Petr Dvorak, CEO of Vodafone Czech Republic. “Therefore, we have decided to partner with Avast, a strong and trusted brand, who can provide the best expertise to safeguard our customers’ personal information. With Avast, we can also provide best in class parental controls to help Vodafone customers protect their children.”

Avast operates the world's largest threat detection network and blocks 3.5 billion cyber attacks every month.

“In the fourth quarter of 2017, Avast saw a 15% growth in mobile attacks year-on-year, and based on current security trends, we predict that mobile risks will continue to grow,” said Gagan Singh, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Avast Mobile. “The most common threats were 'downloaders', which allow apps to install unwanted apps on smartphones. We are also witnessing a significant rise in the number of mobile banking malware trying to steal user's passwords and credit card data, as well as ransomware attacks.”

The new Vodafone Security app will safeguard mobile devices from spyware, adware and other malware, as well as protect users against phishing attacks spread via email, SMS messages, infected websites or phone calls.

In addition to the security features available on the Vodafone Security app the new Vodafone Family Security app helps parents protect their children from cyberbullying by alerting them of critical calls and messages sent to their children’s phone. The app also allows parents to block specific websites and apps, and helps them track their loved ones‘ devices, to know where they are, and to find phones in cases of theft or loss.

Avast has similar partnerships with all major mobile carriers in the United States and with a leading carriers elsewhere in the world, implementing safety solutions such as Avast Controls and Insights and Avast Locator.

Both applications – Vodafone Security and Vodafone Family Security – will be available for Vodafone Czech Republic’s customers later this year and will be subscription based.