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Avast Releases New Photo Space App to Increase iPhone Photo Capacity Seven Times


Avast’s Innovative App increases storage for all your valuable photos while preserving their quality

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 9, 2016, – Avast Software, maker of the most trusted security in the world, today announced the latest addition to its iOS suite: Photo Space. Designed to solve the problem of constantly running out of space for photos on your iPhone, the new app optimizes photos to reduce the amount of storage they occupy by seven times, and therefore increases photo and storage capacity for iPhone users. 

“In an age where endless apps let users snap photos, mobile device storage can quickly become overwhelmed with the burden of storing hundreds, or even thousands, of videos, photos and images. With the value we place on photos, users shouldn’t have to choose between freeing space and keeping old photos”, said Avast president of Mobile, Gagan Singh. “Avast survey results show that more than half of iOS users have 16GBs or less storage available on their devices, which can be easily consumed by photos and apps. With Avast Photo Space, users can free up storage on their devices without having to agonize over which photos to save and which to delete.”

As storage space runs low, users are left with the frustrating prospect of choosing between deleting their photos or paying for additional cloud storage in order to create space for new photographs and memories.

To avoid that frustration, Avast Photo Space takes iPhone users’ high-quality photos and automatically optimizes the photos by reducing the amount of space they occupy on the device. To achieve this, the photo’s resolution is lowered to device screen values, while the original, high resolution version, is sent to the user’s personal cloud account, like Dropbox or Google Drive. Thereby, the quality of the photo is preserved, and a screen-quality version of the photos remains easily accessible, even when offline. Avast Photo Space comes with its own camera app, which will automatically transfer, optimize and sync photos with personal cloud accounts, a method which can shrink 7GBs worth of photos down to 1GB.

Avast Photo Space is now available free to all iOS users and can be found in the
iTunes App Store.