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Avast Releases New Cleanup Solution to Remove Unwanted Clutter from PCs


The New Avast Cleanup Keeps Your PC Running Like New

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., August 10, 2016, – Avast Software, maker of the most trusted security in the world, today announced a fully redesigned version of Avast Cleanup, a powerful tool that expertly cleans and optimizes a user’s PC in minutes. The fresh, easy-to-use software interface makes cleaning a breeze. With a single click, users can scan and easily see what scrap files they may want to remove and free their PC from up to 30GB of junk. Everything from residual files of uninstalled programs to accumulated browser cache or unwanted toolbars.

At a time when laptops serve multiple purposes from our mobile office, to an impromptu entertainment hub, it is understandable that people want to keep them performing at their best. American PC users often have many Gigabytes of excess data taking up space on their device and potentially slowing it down. When they are not performing at their peak efficiency, computers can be extremely frustrating for users.

Avast Cleanup allows customers to maintain their PCs themselves, saving them time and costs. In just moments, Cleanup cleans up residual data and junk files. If done for the first time, Cleanup can dispose of between three and 30GB of data. Avast Cleanup also scans and defragments the registry, and by disabling startup apps, scheduled tasks and background services, speeds up the PC boot time. To improve the system performance, Avast Cleanup shortens the timeout period of unfinished processes.

Customers can use real-time monitoring to remove residual files after a program has been uninstalled and can schedule daily, weekly or monthly automatic cleanups to remove junk, disable risky apps and tweak the system, to ensure that their computers are always running at peak efficiency.

As browsers store complete websites to PCs’ memories, up to 700MB of browser cache data can accumulate within just one day. For an improved browsing experience, Avast Cleanup helps users free their browsers’ cache and histories with one mouse click. Avast Cleanup also removes unwanted toolbars, that often hijack users’ browsers, from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer to restore users’ preferred search engine. Moreover, Avast Cleanup helps users get rid of site tracking and cookies to prevent targeted advertising.

“At Avast, we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers can safely and efficiently be online” said Avast CEO, Vince Steckler. “Unwanted junk files are like dust, they accumulate over time and need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Our newest version of Avast Cleanup is designed to make it easy for you to quickly remove all of the unwanted files and move on with your day.”

Avast Cleanup now works on all Windows PCs. Previous Cleanup products required a user to have one of Avast’s anti-virus solutions downloaded. Avast Cleanup is now available for Windows PCs for $34.99/year and can be purchased at