Eduard Kucera of ALWIL Software nominated as World Entrepreneur Of The Year

Eduard Kučera of ALWIL Software a.s. is the Czech nominee for the Ernst & Young “World Entrepreneur Of The Year” competition. The winner of the contest, selected from one of over 40 entrepreneurs from around the globe, will be announced this June in Monte Carlo.

“Participating in this competition shows the impact avast! is having on the global market for antivirus protection. It’s not just about me, but is recognition for our entire community of employees and users,” says Mr. Kučera.

Mr. Kučera won his nomination to the global competition for his role in co-founding and directing ALWIL Software. He was recognized as the Czech Entrepreneur Of the Year and also named Czech Technology Entrepreneur Of The Year this February.

“We started a new chapter in our business from the moment six years ago when I and my partner Pavel Baudiš decided to provide our avast! anti-virus program free of charge to users,” says Kučera. “Today, we have over a hundred million users worldwide that we serve from Prague with a mere 100 employees. It’s one of our constants that we have one employee for every million users – a ratio that not even companies like Facebook or Skype can achieve.”

The on-going economic crisis has created an indirect opportunity for ALWIL to increase its global presence. Consumers are now increasingly aware of free software like avast! Free Antivirus and are more sensitive about their expenditures.

“Joining this global competition gives us a bigger platform to spread the news that Free can be very, very good.” says Kučera. “People are now questioning why they should be paying so much for their antivirus protection when avast! Free has such good professional reviews and high user ratings – so they try us. Nearly half a million people install avast! daily.”

Ernst & Young’s World Entrepreneur of the Year competition is designed to highlight successful individuals that have taken their innovative ideas to the marketplace. The contest is open to company owners or managers with a 25% ownership stake. The individual must be responsible for company performance and be an active member of top management. The company must be at least two years old.

“We believe that Mr. Kučera and ALWIL Software , as our Czech winner and nominee in the global competition, share our belief in supporting entrepreneurship,” notes Magdalena Souček, Country Managing Partner of Ernst & Young in the Czech Republic. “It is quite clear from our discussions with entrepreneurs like Mr. Kučera that most see this crisis as an opportunity to strengthen their position in the global marketplace. I am looking forward to the announcement of the World Entrepreneur Of The Year this June.”