Romania makes it 30 countries in the Million User Club

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, February 9, 2012 – Romania joined the avast! Million User Club in January, becoming the 30th country to have more than one million active avast! users. At the end of January 2012, the number of active users in Romania reached 1,008,616--more than double the number of users at the end of January 2009. That shows that there are more computer users in this country than vampires.

Active users of avast! in Romania:

The addition of Romania makes the world more of a dark orange color according to the avast! user map. Light orange countries are where avast! users exist but number less than one million. avast! users can be found in 232 countries and territories around the globe but some places like the Pitcairn Islands or Vatican City will just never get to the one million active user mark.

Active users of avast! map:

However, there are several other countries on the verge of joining the Million User Club. The next five likely candidates are Australia, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Thailand--in that order. Like Romania, all five have avast! available in their own language. Beyond these five, there are another 12 countries further down the rankings with between 500,000 and one million users.

AVAST Software measures both active users and avast! registrations. To qualify as an active user, the connected device has to have received an avast! virus database update within the previous 30 days.

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