Expand your language skills with avast!

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, June 20, 2011 – avast! antivirus provides more than protection from malware – it is also a tool for learning new languages.

It only takes a couple clicks to expand your foreign language skills by changing the “avast! virus database has been updated” announcement into something more exotic, such as Turkish or Catalan. And if you just want to learn a humorous dialect, try Redneck English or Al’a Bareja Polish.

avast! 7.0 is the only antivirus program on the market that gives users such a wide range of audio options. Users can choose between more than 40 audio skin options to welcome them, tell them when their virus database update is complete, and – most importantly – warn them about threats. And even better, before installing them in their computers, avast! users can listen to the 14 official and 27 themed audio skins at http://www.avast.com/audio.

Starting each day with a romantic Spanish voice – or the relaxed Californian surfer – has never been easier. To install the desired audio, avast! users just need to click on the download button – without needing to reinstall avast! or restart their computer. Returning to the original announcements is easy, just click again on the desired voice at the webpage. There is no risk of language confusion; switching between audio skins does not change the language shown in the user interface.

“Change is good – and we’re glad that avast! is now a way to learn a new language,” stated Mr. Steckler, CEO of AVAST Software. “In the past, only ‘uber-geeks’ were able to change the announcement voice. Now this option is for everyone.”