BBC Program Follow-up Test Shows Avast Leads Secure Online Banking

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, November 26, 2012 – avast! Internet Security provided 100% protection against banking malware when independent firm MRG Effitas tested more than 30 security software products. The test was a follow up to the firm’s initial research for the BBC news program Click Online Banking Test, which aired in February.

The MRG Effitas test focused on “dedicated browser security or anti-logging products,” in addition to security suites that claim to offer secure online banking. From over 30 apps tested, only eight software applications passed the test, and several dedicated endpoint financial-fraud prevention and anti-keylogging apps showed surprisingly poor performance.

“Avast was one of only two anti-malware and internet security applications to get a perfect score in our latest test,” said Sveta Miladinov, MRG Effitas Founder and CEO. “We used three in-house-made Financial Malware simulators which were not able to bypass its SafeZone feature.”

Avast Leads Secure Online Banking

Unique to avast! Internet Security, the secure-banking browser SafeZone™ creates a private and isolated virtual window on your desktop for ensuring secure financial transactions when shopping or banking online. The secure browser window auto-prompts avast! Internet Security users whenever it would be more secure to use it, and it opens easily from their normal browser.

MRG Effitas conducted research of avast! Internet Security with the same financial simulator model used in a February 2012 special BBC broadcast on the burgeoning threat of malware in the financial sector. The program covered as well the ineffectiveness of many well-known security suites against it. Testing protocols were independently verified by S21Sec, another independent firm.

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