Avast to improve on Facebook and Twitter engagement with Socialbakers

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, November 7, 2012 Avast Software and Socialbakers have established Avast’s first social media listening post to reach the antivirus company’s 165 million customers who are active in social media. Socialbakers, a social media and digital analytics company, displays posts from various platforms, including Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) and Twitter, aggregates incoming data into visual reports, and provides a console from which Avast’s social engagement team can monitor messages and respond to customers.

“Avast is the first antivirus company to have two million fans on Facebook, and we have 70,000 on Twitter, so social media is an important communication channel for us,” said Vince Steckler, CEO of Avast. “We are committed to our users by going where they are in order to serve them better, and encouraged by their enthusiasm and support.”

Avast will use the social media listening post to provide customer care, identify security or software issues, share virus alerts or security news, and solicit ideas for product development. Avast signed on as Socialbakers’ 1000th customer just as their company Facebook page reached two million fans.

“We are very proud to have Avast as our 1000th customer. Avast is helping to make the worldwide online community a better, more productive and virus-free ecosystem,” said Jan Rezab, Socialbakers’ CEO, and continued, “We aim to help marketers around the world better understand and optimize their social marketing performance to deliver clear and tangible ROI for their effort.”

Over the last four years, communication between Avast and its customers has grown on social channels. The avast! forums have 270,000 members, the avast! antivirus Facebook has over 2 million likes, the @avast_antivirus Twitter feed has 70,000 followers, and Google+ has 14,000 fans. Avast senior management recognizes that listening, responding and taking care of customers is a competitive advantage, and that the feedback received from them is valuable for the improvement of products.

“Socialbakers helps us monitor thousands of online conversations about our products and services on a global scale in real time,” said Steckler. “This allows for timely review and response to social media posts and content. We look forward to a long, productive relationship.”

Jan Rezab continues, “Socialbakers is the only data provider in the industry to reach 1000 customers, as we provide scalable analytics solutions for the right price, meeting the expectations of huge enterprises and small businesses alike. With their 165 million users, Avast is an excellent example of a company with a gigantic base, that can easily generate a huge return with little overhead in social media,” he concludes.

A small but dedicated social engagement team engages with various communities through daily communications, content creation, customer care, and marketing from Avast Software headquarters in Czech Republic and a satellite office in the U.S.


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