AVAST Software will add reputation analysis to the upcoming 7.0

The new WebRep feature in avast! 7.0, backed by millions of avast! users, will create the world’s largest reputation guide to internet and social media sites.

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, February 7, 2011 – avast! users will create the world’s largest web reputation guide in the next generation of AVAST Software’s family of avast! web-security products.

“Thanks to our CommunityIQ data, we already know if a site is clean from malware. Now with the community rating system in WebRep, we can tell you if it is good,” says Mr. Ondrej Vlcek, CTO of AVAST Software. “With over 100 million avast! users, our WepRep has the deepest support of any web reputation option on the market.

WebRep is an industry first, combining inputs from millions of avast! users in a rating guide to internet and social media sites together with the malware sensors in the avast! CommunityIQ.

“The internet contains a huge mix of problematic websites ranging from fraudulent eshops which are technically clean from malware to honest sites that are infected. Both ends of the spectrum take a toll in lost time and money. WebRep puts these two elements together – business reputation and malware detection,” adds Mr. Vlcek.

The new browser plugin is installed alongside the new avast 7.0 detection engine and combines a voting platform and presentation of data from the avast! Virus Lab giving users information on any website or facebook link. This can range from general trustworthiness as well as description of the site content.

“The plug-in interfaces directly with search engine results and includes information on both malware and user-sourced information on trustworthiness so users can avoid potentially risky sites,” explains Mr. Vlcek.

The risk score for each site is based on real users within the CommunityIQ program that have visited and checked the site automatically for malware and viruses. Optional ratings can include warnings on pornographic or violent content to help advise, especially parents, on safer surfing tactics.

“The sheer size of our CommunityIQ network means that on launch we will already have a lot of data available to help screen against prolific virus or malware sites,” explains Mr. Vlcek. “As the WebRep service grows, we expect to index a great deal of the content to make the internet a safer place for all to visit.”