AVAST Software establishes mobile setting in Austria

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, December 22, 2011 – AVAST Software, developer of the avast! Antivirus program, has opened an office in Austria dedicated to mobile security issues. The expansion comes on the heels of AVAST’s acquisition of ITAgents, the developer of the Theft Aware mobile phone theft protection and recovery system – and ahead of the launch of its first security app for Android phones.

“The definition of security for Android phones is continuing to evolve,” said Vince Steckler, CEO of AVAST Software. “By establishing our Austrian office with Reinhard Holzner, the founder of ITAgents, we are ensuring that the present and future security needs of Android phone users are tightly integrated into the new generations of avast! products.”

Located in Linz, Austria, AVAST Software Österreich GmbH will initially integrate elements in Theft Aware and avast! Antivirus products into a complete security suite for Android phones. Subsequent projects are in the pipeline to widen the range of Android security apps.

“Theft Aware has already secured very high ratings in the Android Market and gotten great professional reviews,” stated Mr. Holzner. “Following our incorporation into avast! security products, I am looking forward to bringing the features developed under ITAgents to a much larger global audience.”

Stealth features in Theft Aware enable users to hide the security app program and icon together with an installation that is extremely difficult for thieves to remove. The stealth features enable other security components such as the GPS tracking and text message alerts to continue functioning, helping people recover their lost or stolen phones.

“Security for most Android users starts with getting their phone back intact. I’ve used these features to recover my own phone twice – so I have personal experience,” he added, pointing out that the features are especially useful when phone users have “rooted” their devices, removing the manufacturer’s restrictions on app usage and allowing the anti theft features to even work after factory resets of the mobile device.

“With ITAgents, we had a great beginning. Now with AVAST, I’m looking forward to keeping Austria on the map for the next steps in mobile security,” said Mr. Holzner.