AVAST Software: Endpoint Protection sized for your business needs

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, June 4, 2012 AVAST Software has launched its new avast! Endpoint Protection portfolio, bringing the world’s most popular antivirus to the workplace in a user-friendly package.

The new business portfolio, with four flavors of security coverage, is structured to meet company needs regardless of their network complexity or size. All versions include comprehensive reporting options and detection of “rogue” computers. The portfolio is based on the newest avast! version 7 antivirus engine and backed by the CommunityIQ user-based sensor network. Centrally administered coverage starts with two computers and continues to over a thousand machines.

“For business users, it’s not just the size, it’s the network,” said Vince Steckler, CEO of AVAST Software. “With our new avast! portfolio, all business users have their choice of network administration consoles together with the protection of our newest avast! 7 antivirus engine.”

avast! Endpoint Protection lets users choose between two central administration consoles - avast! Enterprise Administration and avast! Small Office Administration - based on the structure of their network, number of protected machines, and hardware requirements.

avast! Enterprise Administration is the desktop console for complex networks, able to manage over one thousand machines. A thorough revision of AVAST’s ADMN enterprise console, it is highly configurable to meet the requirements of complex company networks. Primary benefits include:

  • Easier configuration – All setting changes can be made at the GUI level for more simple use and customization.
  • Network optimization – lowered transfer requirements with a reduced network load.

avast! Small Office Administration is the web-based console for smaller businesses with up to 199 machines in a single network. Based on Silverlight technology, users can connect and manage their network security from any browser. The updated SOA offers the following advantages:

  • Flexible – More user administration dialogues and options for easier customization.
  • Small – Slimmer package with a lower installation space requirement and smaller operational footprint.
  • More independent – Users freed from installation/configuration dependencies on Microsoft IIS and SQL Server.

Endpoint Protection products are built on the antivirus engine used in the premium avast! Internet Security and avast! Free Antivirus. “Business users need a proven quality. There is no better environment for testing and getting fresh examples of new threats than millions of active computer users,” said Ondrej Vlcek, CTO of AVAST Software. “The hybrid system for streaming updates gives us a two-track system, freeing users from any connection dependency for their protection.”

  • Cloud+ updates – Hybrid cloud technology provides users with streaming virus database updates in addition to the regularly scheduled updates.
  • CommunityIQ – With millions of user-based sensors, the avast! CommunityIQ network provides the AVAST Virus Lab with a nonstop stream of data on new and emerging threats.
  • Sandbox virtualization – One-click ability to run apps in a safe virtualized environment. Users also have easy access to the SafeZone – the special environment for financial transactions.
  • FileRep, AVAST’s cloud-based database, enables faster threat identification by sorting new, potentially dangerous files from known safe files.
  • WebRep browser plugin detects phishing sites and fake/planted SSL certificates in addition to presenting user-submitted votes on site reliability.
  • Windows 8 Beta compatible, includes specific Windows 8 features such as the Early-Load Antimalware Driver (ELAM) against system-level rootkits and bootkits.

The four flavors in the new avast! business product portfolio are structured to meet specific user needs for protection, ease of network administration, and additional features such as a firewall and anti-spam/anti-phishing filters.

avast! business security products are available through the global network of resellers and through the AVAST online store.