AVAST Software crosses the 130 million user threshold

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, September 14, 2010 - AVAST Software gained its 130 millionth user at 7:52:52 (Central European Time) on September 7, when Francisco F. completed his registration for avast! Free Antivirus.

“We crossed the 130 million user threshold for three simple reasons: avast! is certifiably effective, our users like how avast! protects them from malware, and then they recommend that their friends try us,” said Vince Steckler, CEO of AVAST Software.

With the addition of Francisco, and the continuing stream of new users, avast! has over 130 million registered users. avast! is now the world’s most popular antivirus program in three distinct categories: the size of its registered user base, its growth in the number of users during 2010, and in the high level of referrals from satisfied users.

During 2010, avast! has already pushed up its total number of new users to 34.9 million. Overall, the total number of registered avast! users has grown by over a third from 2009.

avast! continues to attract large numbers of users from its competitors, according to an eight-month survey of new user registrations. Nearly 50% of avast! users switching over from a competing product came from AVG or Symantec’s Norton products.

Despite this steep growth, avast! is keeping user recommendations at near-viral levels. Over 60% of new users came because of a friend’s recommendation.

Although one out of every five new avast! users download the “Worldwide-English” language version, they frequently add one of the 34 other language packs available. “We work at being the most local of any antivirus software,” explained Mr. Steckler. “In France, for example, we are the most popular antivirus program because we were one of the first to be fully localized. Regardless of where and in what language people originally have downloaded avast!, we make it easy for users to switch to their preferred language.”

The global user base makes avast! more effective. “Because malware can now be designed in one country, hosted in another, and targeted on a third, you really need to have a balanced presence to stay secure,” added Ondrej Vlcek, CTO of AVAST Software. “Our Community network gives us an exceptionally broad network of sensors to protect our 130 million plus users.”