avast! Server Edition: Racing to the finish line

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, October 14, 2010 - AVAST Software won another VB100 award for the virus-catching performance of avast! 4.8 Server Edition.

Virus Bulletin, a leading independent security publication, recognized avast! 4.8 for its detecting 100 percent of its “In-the-wild” virus set with no false positives.

“The infected sets were brushed aside effortlessly, dealt with far faster than any other product this month, with scores similarly excellent,” wrote John Hawes, team director of Virus Bulletin’s VB100 testing program, in his October comparative review. “[avast!] still has the agility and toughness to outmatch many in this month’s field, with a standard set of install steps followed by a reboot to get going.”

Speed was again the avast! forte, with 4.8 posting some of the fastest scanning times out of all tested products. For its first-time scanning of binary and system files, avast! was over twice as fast as Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8 and Microsoft Forefront Client Security. In addition to beating the other paid products, avast! also handily beat the latest free offering—Comodo—which missed 7 viruses in its failed attempt at winning its first VB100 award.

Virus Bulletin tested 38 antivirus products on Windows server 2003, a widely used platform known for its stability and dependable performance. Norton/Symantec and McAfee did not participate in this comparative test.

AVAST Software launched avast! 4.8 Server Edition back in 2008. Now two years later, it is still getting awards and positive reviews. “The main sets and clean sets were handled splendidly, and a VB100 award is comfortably earned; we eagerly look forward to the upcoming new version,” concluded Mr. Hawes. The new avast! Server Edition – with a new GUI derived from the avast! 5.0 – will be launched by end 2010.

About Virus Bulletin:

Virus Bulletin is a leader in providing independent commentary on computer security issues. The VB100 test published in their September 2010 issue analyzed 38 antivirus programs on identical systems with AMD Phenom II X2 550 processors, 4 GB RAM, dual 80GB and 1TB hard drives, running Microsoft Server 2003, R2, SP2, 32-bit Enterprise Edition. For more information, go to www.virusbtn.com.