AVAST Philosophy of Giving Expanded to Include Philanthropy

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, September 17, 2012 – AVAST Software, best known for the world’s most widely used free antivirus software, launched AVAST Foundation, which has donated approximately $2.2 million to charities in the Czech Republic.

“We established AVAST Foundation in late 2010, to help the underprivileged,” said Jarmila Baudisova, Chairwoman for the Board of Trustees. “We’re interested primarily in innovations that will help significantly improve the lives of people with long-term disabilities or who might in similar ways need support.”

In 2011, AVAST Foundation had about $1.2 million in its budget, thanks to pre-tax profit of AVAST Software a.s., its original Czech company, of which 2.0% went to the foundation that year. The revenue growth of AVAST Software a.s. in the first half of 2012 generated an additional $0.9 million for the foundation, which now receives 2.5% of pre-tax profits.

“Since AVAST Software’s success has depended on help from our user community, it was logical for us to give assistance back to the community,” said Mrs. Baudisova. “We’ll continue to concentrate the foundation’s efforts on areas of society that are often neglected, such as senior services or the use of IT innovation in health care.”

Launched with an aim to support humanitarian organizations operating in the Czech Republic, AVAST Foundation has distributed about $2.2 million among 85 nonprofit organizations in the country. Focal points include assistance to: senior citizens, people with physical or mental disabilities, or programs for the terminally ill. Major partner organizations include, among others, Charter 77 Foundation, People in Need, Hospice Cesta Domu, and Domov Sue Ryder.

In September, 2012, AVAST Foundation was nominated for the 2012 Via Bona Awards in the category of large companies. Via Bona Awards are given annually to companies and individuals with a strong history of philanthropic support for non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic, under the sponsorship of the U.S. Embassy in Prague.

AVAST Foundation contact
Martina Břeňová
E-mail: martina.brenova@avast.com

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