avast! BackUp: Every memory has its price

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, November 23, 2011 - avast! BackUp, the simple and automatic online backup solution, has been launched by AVAST Software. Because accidents can always happen, but data loss doesn’t have to.

Computers don’t last forever and hard drives have a limited lifespan. Which leads to an interesting paradox: People are putting more and more data – from tax records to their film and music collections – on devices with a limited lifespan. Most of the time, there are no problems. But then, there are the other times. Whether the cause of the accident is spilled coffee, an electrical surge, or even a ‘natural’ breakdown, the result is still the same: lost data and lost memories.

To be safe, computer users need to regularly backup their data. “To be fully effective, this requires getting additional hardware and establishing a regular backup regime – steps most people forget to follow,” said Vince Steckler, CEO of AVAST Software. “With avast! BackUp, there is now an easy way to keep your valuable data safe from coffee and mechanical breakdowns.”

avast! BackUp automatically backs up your data to a remote, in-the-cloud location. No extra hardware. No scheduling issues.

  • Smart and easy - Set it up once and forget about it. After the initial backup, smart technology ensures that new or changed files are automatically synchronized within avast! BackUp.
  • Double protection – Able to simultaneously handle both online and offline backups, making it simple to make a dual backup to the cloud and a local external drive at the same time.
  • Private and secure - Military-grade 448-bit Blowfish encryption ensures that your data is safe. It is stored in a secure location accessible to you from anywhere.
  • Relax - In case your computer or local hard drive is damaged or lost, don’t worry. Your data is just a few clicks away.

avast! BackUp is available in two versions: a basic storage plan with 25 GB and the maximum storage plan with 75 GB. avast! users can try out the trial version at no cost. For more information, go to http://www.avast.com///avast.com/{ulocale}/online-backup. avast! BackUp is available only through the AVAST online shop.