190 millionth registered avast! user – and her friend – wins trip to Prague

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, January 30, 2012 – AVAST Software has awarded its 190 millionth registered avast! user – and her friend – with an expenses-paid trip to Prague.

“Getting to the 190 million mark is quite an achievement for any company,” said Vince Steckler, CEO of AVAST Software. “And since over 60% of new users come because of a friend, this time we are also recognizing a recommender.”

The 190 millionth user is Julie, a British national living in Spain. She chose avast! Free antivirus on the advice of a Stephen, a retired friend. And it was Stephen that downloaded and installed avast! on her computer this January 12.

Both Julie and Stephen will receive an expenses-paid trip for two to Prague, the historic capital of Prague and the home of AVAST Software.

“As a recommender and IT helper, people like Stephen have a big impact on AVAST,” said Mr. Steckler. “They have helped our user base grow last year from 141 million to 190 million registered users.”

Recommending avast! comes naturally to Stephen. “I’ve probably recommended avast! to at least a dozen friends,” said Stephen. An avast! user for over six years, he describes himself as somewhat knowledgeable, but not a computer geek. He’s the person that gets asked to install games, add hardware, and show friends how to save or send family pictures.

Stephen’s own avast! use has been uneventful – and he likes it that way. Stephen likes the daily virus database update notices, he has gotten warning pop-ups about malware and dodgy sites, but never had an infection himself.

Helping his friends out with avast! and their IT issues is almost a social event. “Yes I have been known to have a beer or two while waiting for the machine to restart,” Stephen quipped. Neither he or Julie had ever imagined they could win a trip to Prague before they were contacted by AVAST.

The experiences of Julie and Stephen are similar to that of other avast! users. A 2011 survey of new users asked new avast! users if they were the computer “expert” who helped other family members and friends. One in five, 21.8%, said they “get called and help others frequently”.

“Friends helping others makes avast! work,” said Mr. Steckler. “With Stephen and Julie, we have a real example to highlight.”