AVAST Software: brides beware, malware can cost you – but computer protection is free

Antivirus may be the only free part of your wedding

(PRAGUE, Czech Republic, June 7, 2011) – Wedding bells are ringing as we enter the traditional season for getting hitched. Around 90 percent of soon-to-be brides plan their wedding while at work according to AOL. That inevitably means that the majority of planning is done on the web.

From cakes and flowers to bands and honeymoons, there is a website for every aspect and detail of a wedding. Brides, bridal party members and guests need to be aware as they browse the web for the perfect gift that they are vulnerable to malware.

“Malware infections come in a variety of methods: cybercriminals searching for inadequately protected sites and hijacking web searches in response to topical items – like weddings,” said Ondrej Vlcek, CTO at AVAST Software. “Wedding planning is stressful enough without the added threat of a computer virus. Just remember that you can meet malware about anywhere on the internet – so be prepared and pay attention to the warnings from your antivirus.

AVAST Software, developers of avast! Free Antivirus, has issued a timely “Most Wanted” list giving a snapshot of infected websites as of June 2 which could upset a wedding and spoil the honeymoon bliss: 1

bridaledition.com HTML:Script-inf
eastbridal.com HTML:Iframe-inf
greenlandtravels.com HTML:Iframe-inf
itravelishop.com HTML:Iframe-inf
nktravelagency.com HTML:Script-inf
urcake.com HTML:Iframe-inf
weddinggamesonline.com JS:IFrame-BM [Trj]
weddingplannercebu.com HTML:Script-inf

1 The avast! CommunityIQ detected and confirmed infections at the listed websites as of June 2, 2011.

AVAST Software receives non-stop information about infected sites thanks to its global CommunityIQ network of sensors. This data, taken from the actual web browsing experiences of the network members, is then used to protect all AVAST users by blocking their access to infected sites. This flow of information responds quickly to seasonal threats, as well as those around real-time events.

Avast offers the following tips to keep your computer safe at all times:

  • Be protected. You need a good antivirus program installed on your computer with a proven track record in industry tests.
  • Stay updated. Make sure that your antivirus – and other major programs such as your computer operating system and Adobe Reader – are up to date.
  • Listen to the warnings. When you get a warning that a site is infected, don’t turn off your antivirus app to circumvent the warning.
  • Think virtual. Have an antivirus such as avast! that tests suspicious items in a virtualized “sandbox”. If you run into malware, it will just cause your virtual computer to close, leaving your real computer unscathed.
  • Keep your private space. Use the avast! SafeZone™ to create a “virtual space” that blocks out other programs and keeps private data for your eyes only.