c't review puts avast! at the front of the free antivirus crowd

(PRAGUE, May 28, 2010) Not all free antivirus software is created equal according to c’t, a leading German IT publication.

The c’t review of eight free antivirus programs found significant differences in their malware detection and technological capabilities.

avast! Free Antivirus had the highest score from the eight for its zero-day heuristic detection, ability to catch active rootkits, and scanning speed. avast! was one of only two AV products to include a Web Shield for detecting and blocking connections to infected websites.

“avast! offers not only an excellent antivirus protection, but also a web scanner with a behavior detection shield in one free security package,” wrote c’t reviewers. “If you are searching for a good free antivirus protection that can be fully adjusted to your needs, avast! is perfect for you.”

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or read the entire article in the May 25, 2010 print issue.