AVAST Foundation: Be Cool with Maths

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, February 15, 2012 – The AVAST Foundation is pleased to support Cool with Maths, a project organized by the Institute for Social and Economic Analyses, to improve the teaching of mathematics in the Czech Republic.

Cool with Maths is designed to help primary school students see that math is an interesting tool that can help them understand life better, solve problems, and even establish world records. The program provides teachers with special plans to support student involvement and a forum for comparing their results.

“Mathematics is not about showing you can divide 17 by 2 but about showing why you should,” said Eduard Kucera, cofounder of AVAST Software and chairman of the Board of Directors. “The problem now is that teachers often don’t know how to teach math; they don’t know how to catch the attention of the kids so they spoil it and then the kids don’t like math.”

The project is supported by the AVAST Foundation, a nonprofit foundation set up by AVAST Software in 2010 to support a variety of civic initiatives including education and health.

“It’s important that kids be able to understand life better through mathematics. Kids love to be smarter than their parents – so why not show them how to calculate the interest rate on a loan?” queried Mr. Kucera. “Without these skills, people cannot count the cost of a loan, they don’t know the economic situation of their country or even the status of their own finances.”

The program goal is to help young students make a positive connection between mathematics and the why and the how of life. “Mathematics is important – not just for companies – but for normal people,” stated Mr. Kucera. “Math skills are intrinsic to a number of careers where mathematician is not part of the job title.”

“This is an investment in our future,” said Mr. Kucera. “Czechs need some educational improvements to support our long-term competitiveness as a country. At AVAST, we think this is a good place to start.”