ديس 2010
09 Dec 2010

AVAST wins a VB100 award and a free weekend

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, December 9, 2010 - avast! Free Antivirus won another VB100 award for detecting 100 percent of the in-the-wild virus sample, proving that antivirus protection can be free, good – and easy on your weekend “away from the computer” plans. Avast got top marks from its performance, starting with the initial installation. “avast! ...

06 Dec 2010

AVAST Software: Over 770,000 pirates plus 2 in the Vatican

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, December 6, 2010 - AVAST Software has always prided itself in how the avast! antivirus program spreads virally, with 80 percent of new users coming through the recommendations of satisfied friends. But the rapid global expansion of one multi-user license for avast! Pro Antivirus surprised even the company’s top management. ...

نوف 2010
23 Nov 2010

Four Reasons Why Malware Loves E-Shopping

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, November 23, 2010 – The growing popularity of online shopping puts consumers at risk for a malware infection during four separate stages of their e-shop experience. This risk is increasing as consumers spend more time and money online. U.S. e-commerce spending for the 2010 holiday season is projected to be between seven and ...

18 Nov 2010

AVAST: Kroxxu botnet infects 100,000 domains without a money trail

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, November 18, 2010- Detection takes priority over money for AVAST Virus Lab. During the last twelve months, avast! Virus Lab researchers have covered the steady growth and structure of the Kroxxu bot network, an innovative self-generating network of password-stealing malware. This extensive botnet has around 100 thousand ...

15 Nov 2010

23,000 reasons to mute your avast! antivirus

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, November 15, 2010 - Who hasn’t been embarrassed by unexpected sounds from a computer? Advertisements, music, or even the news that the avast! antivirus database has been updated can be a real surprise. Most of us, however, haven’t had this happen in front of thousands of wrestling fans. It certainly happened to A.J. and ...

03 Nov 2010

AutoRun for malware:One out of every eight attacks comes via a USB device

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, November 3, 2010 - AVAST Software, developer of the award-winning avast! antivirus program, is detecting a growing number of malware attacks targeting the AutoRun function in Windows and plug-in USB devices. Researchers found that, of the 700,000 recorded attacks on computers in the avast! Community system during the last ...

أكت 2010
18 Oct 2010

AVAST Software taps Mailshell to protect its users from spam and phishing

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, October 18, 2010 - AVAST Software has signed a new contract with Mailshell, the leading provider of traffic reputation, anti-spam and anti-phishing engines for OEMs, confirming the continued integration of its email filtering technology into the premium avast! Internet Security Suite. Over 130 million users in more than 240 ...

14 Oct 2010

avast! Server Edition: Racing to the finish line

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, October 14, 2010 - AVAST Software won another VB100 award for the virus-catching performance of avast! 4.8 Server Edition. Virus Bulletin, a leading independent security publication, recognized avast! 4.8 for its detecting 100 percent of its “In-the-wild” virus set with no false positives. “The infected sets were brushed ...

07 Oct 2010

Gamers are ‘fair game’ for infected websites

Monthly “Most Wanted“ list points to gaming websites as consumers now spend more time playing games online than checking their email. Because gaming is popular, it is a more attractive target for cybercriminals. Gamers are particularly vulnerable due to unsafe behavior such as turning off their antivirus protection for greater computer ...

سبت 2010
24 Sep 2010

Fast, Accurate - and Free

Avast! Free Antivirus speeds past the competition in AV Comparative test PRAGUE, Czech Republic, September 24, 2010 – avast! Free Antivirus again took the pole position in AV Comparative’s test for on-demand detection of malicious software, repeating its top performance from last September. avast! had the fastest scanning speed out of all 20 ...

21 Sep 2010

avast! Free Antivirus is a suite performer

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, September 21, 2010 - avast! Free Antivirus was a top performer in the Dennis Technology Labs test sponsored by Symantec, outscoring a number of paid-for applications. Avast! Free Antivirus outscored the paid-for internet security suites from Bit-Defender, McAfee, and Trend-Micro. In addition, avast! topped the below-average ...

14 Sep 2010

AVAST Software crosses the 130 million user threshold

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, September 14, 2010 - AVAST Software gained its 130 millionth user at 7:52:52 (Central European Time) on September 7, when Francisco F. completed his registration for avast! Free Antivirus. “We crossed the 130 million user threshold for three simple reasons: avast! is certifiably effective, our users like how avast! protects ...

08 Sep 2010

AVAST software warns students to protect their computers from infected education-related websites

Third monthly “America’s Most Wanted“ list points to education-related websites AVAST virus lab tells students to protect their computers when returning to school Upgrading pre-installed antivirus trialware is an unnecessary expense PRAGUE, Czech Republic, September 8, 2010 - As students prepare to return to school across the globe, AVAST ...

أغس 2010
25 Aug 2010

Avast Suite Award: Highest performance rating for avast! Internet Security

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, August 25, 2010 - Avast! Internet Security was awarded the highest three-star, advanced+ certificate from AV-Comparatives for its performance. AV-Comparatives, an independent testing laboratory based in Austria, tested products from 14 vendors on different performance criteria. The tests simulated user behavior for seven ...

23 Aug 2010

Growth Equity Investor Summit Partners Invests $100 Million in AVAST Software

Leading Antivirus Software Developer Positioned for Continued Growth PRAGUE, Czech Republic and LONDON, UK, August 23, 2010 - AVAST Software, developers of the world’s most popular antivirus program, today announced that growth equity investor Summit Partners has invested $100 million for a minority stake in the company. "Summit Partners' ...

13 Aug 2010

avast! antivirus delivers results for free

Virus Bulletin Test Proves Price Does Not Guarantee Quality PRAGUE, Czech Republic, August 13, 2010 - avast! Free Antivirus scored better than some of the best-known paid products in the latest Virus Bulletin test, proving cost is not an effective measurement of quality. avast! Free Antivirus detected all In-the-Wild viruses – including the newest ...

12 Aug 2010

Computer protection available for the vision-impaired

Blind Community Fine-tunes Avast! Antivirus Software for Screen-reader Capability PRAGUE, Czech Republic, August 12, 2010 - AVAST Software, providers of the avast! antivirus program, has announced that the latest update to its antivirus application makes computer security fully accessible to the vision-impaired. Using basic screen-reader ...

يول 2010
27 Jul 2010

Sports fans beware of AVAST Software’s second “America’s most wanted” list

Sports websites top the second monthly “America’s Most Wanted“ list AVAST Virus Lab experts offer tips to stay protected during July (PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC, July 27, 2010) – Summer has already been heated up by some sporting events, including the World Cup, NBA Finals, LeBron James’ “Decision” and Major League Baseball. Consumers turn to the web ...

يون 2010
30 Jun 2010

World Cup threatens more than just your ears

Vuvuzelas and hearing problems are not the only issues that excited football fan can encounter at this year’s Football World Cup in South Africa. One month before the opening match between South Africa and Mexico the bad guys were already busy infecting popular related websites in anticipation of increased traffic. Compared to the same period last ...

28 Jun 2010

Legitimate websites "outscore" the adult 99:1

HTML:Script-inf infection uses un-patched Microsoft bug to spread Consumer website of Leading Mobile operator infected by malware (PRAGUE, Czech Republic, June 28th, 2010) AVAST Software, developer of the award-winning avast! antivirus, released a report today proving wrong the general "feeling" that it is the 'dodgy' and 'adult‘ sites that are ...

17 Jun 2010

avast! antivirus warns consumers to beware of "America's most wanted" websites

First monthly “America’s Most Wanted“ list points to games and popular culture websites avast! virus lab experts offer tips to stay protected during June (PRAGUE, Czech Republic, June 17, 2010) – This summer, consumers will continue to scour the web to keep up with their interests and news. While surfing the Internet is statistically safer than, ...

14 Jun 2010

avast! Antivirus Server Edition wins a VB100

avast! won a VB100 award in Virus Bulletin’s test on the new Microsoft 2008 Server R2, detecting all in-the-wild viruses. Test labs at Virus Bulletin, an independent publication focused on computer security, examined avast! Antivirus Server 4.8, the antivirus product for securing businesses networks, “These results show that avast! is more than ...

04 Jun 2010

avast! Free Antivirus best rated by users in Germany

Readers at CHIP Online, a leading German computer website, put avast! on their “50 Best Free Programs” list. Winning over 27,000 votes and a 97.85 approval rating, avast! Free Antivirus is the highest ranked antivirus product on the list. Overall, CHIP Online readers want programs which are compact, without annoying advertising, and which provide ...

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